Music Theory: The TL;DR Version

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Music Theory: The TL;DR Version

115 ratings

In the world of electronic music production, music theory often gets neglected. People think it's boring, some even believe it inhibits creativity. 

The truth is, music theory helps. A lot. The technical side of music production - mixing, mastering, sound design - while important, means nothing unless your music is well composed. Understanding music theory opens up new pathways and allows for confidence, control, and creative freedom.

Music Theory: The TL;DR Version written by Reginald Young (aka Neon the Rex) is a comprehensive yet easily consumable eBook that covers the fundamentals of music theory as well as intermediate concepts. 

Topics covered:

- Basic melody (scales, intervals, melodies)

- Basic harmony (types of chord, inversions, variations)

- Intermediate melody (counterpoint, harmonizing a melody)

- Intermediate harmony (altered & applied chords, mixture, analysing chord progressions)

- Rhythm (notation, syncopation, polyrhythms)

- Time signatures

- The circle of fifths

Who's it for?


Music Theory: The TL;DR Version covers a range of concepts that will benefit both beginners and those with a more advanced knowledge of theory. 

How much does it cost?

This product is distributed through a "pay what you want" model, meaning you're able to download it for free.

If you want to support the author, then you can choose to pay any amount you please. If you wish to pay using Paypal, you can send it to rcyoung3.ry@gmail.com

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